Kid's First Film Festival Series

April and May


Kid's First Film Festival Series

April and May







2017 Kid's First! Film Festival Series

FREE MOVIES!  The Cody Cinema Club presents the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival Series.  Movies will be taking place on weekends, at the Cody Theatre in downtown Cody. Showtimes are Friday at 7pm, Saturdays at 3pm and 7pm, and Sunday at 3pm and 7pm. All movies are show free of charge however donations will be accepted. 

A project of the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, KIDS FIRST! films are free of gratuitous violence; race, gender and religious bias and condescension towards children.

KIDS FIRST! Film Festival

The KIDS FIRST! Film Festivals offer a showcase for short and feature films from major studios as well as independent and student filmmakers. The Cody Cinema Club has been chosen as a Festival partner and will host screenings of our juried films.

Youth are given a true voice - as curators, audience members, critics, volunteer staff and as filmmakers showing their own work. Almost one-third of the films accepted every year are from student filmmakers from all around the world.

April 22-23 - Earth Day - Short films "The Hole" and "Cup of Tea"       Feature Film "My Best Friend

April 28-30 - Short Films "Welcome to the Neighborhood" and "I an Dyslexic"  Feature Film "Right Footed"

May 5-7 - Girl Power - Short Film " Summer with the Monkey King"  Feature Film " Lakota Girls"

May 12-14 - Adventure - Short Film "S.O.S."  Feature Film "Hybrids"

May 19-21 - Collection of Uplifting Short films - "Emilie", "Star Taxi", "Cup of Tea", "Cheez...z", "Cows", Otter of the Underground", "One Shoe Blues", "Hey Deer!", "Man's Best Friend"

May 26-28- Memorial Day - Short film "Cheez..z"  Feature Film "Under the Blood Red Sun"





KF! May 26-28

Kid's First! May 26-28

KF! May 26-28

Kid's First! May 26-28

Friday May 26 -   7 pm Saturday & Sunday May 27 & 28 - 3 & 7 pm      

Friday May 26 -   7 pm

Saturday & Sunday May 27 & 28 - 3 & 7 pm




Free Movies! 

Sunday May 28 at 3pm Dakota Russell, museum manager at the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center and Danielle Constein, Retail & Operations Manager will introduce the movie and take questions about Heart Mountain Internment Camp. 

Cheez...z (3 min., ages 5-18; KIDS FIRST! Best 1st Place)

Yamasaki, an old man, who wants to take a nice picture of Warbie, a little bird. The problem is that Yamasaki is too slow for this tricky bird.

UNDER THE BLOOD RED SUN (100 min., Indie Feature, Ages 12-18)

A 13-year-old Japanese boy faces monumental adversity in 1941 Hawaii, when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Under the Blood-Red Sun is the film adaptation of Graham Salisbury's award-winning novel of the same name, which is required reading in many middle and high schools across the United States. It is set in 1941 and is the story of a 13-year-old Japanese boy, Tomi Nakaji, his family and his best friend (a Caucasian boy) at the time of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Tomi's idyllic world in paradise is forever changed when Japan launches a surprise attack against the U.S. and all Japanese Americans are suddenly seen as enemies of the state. Tomi's father, a fisherman, is immediately taken prisoner in an internment camp and his partner and friend is shot and killed. It's a story of courage, honor, strength, friendship and loyalty against seemingly insurmountable odds.