Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats are there in the auditorium?  There are 308 seats.  Comfortable occupancy is 280 people. It is the lessee’s responsibility to maintain this limit.

When are rental fees due? The full rental fee is due upon acceptance of the rental and needed in order to hold the date requested.

Will you discount or waive any rental/fees for certain fundraisers or groups? Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre is a local non-profit that is renting The Cody Theatre from the Newsome's. Financially RMDT cannot and will not discount rental rates or fee's as they also have to cover costs.

Is Smoking allowed? THERE IS NO SMOKING PERMITTED WITHIN CODY THEATRE. CODY THEATRE will not approve, the use of any on-stage tobacco use, pyrotechnics and other smoking effect, or fog effects. Failure to comply with this rule will nullify this agreement immediately and will result in forfeiture of all fees and prepaid monies from renter to “The Space” and will prevent Lessee from future rental of The Cody Theatre.

No flammable or hazardous materials of any kind should be brought into The Cody Theatre.

Can posters be put on walls? No Posters, banners or any other material may be taped, nailed, pinned or affixed in any way to the walls, curtains or ceiling of the theatre.  Fines will be assessed per incident.  The walls, ceiling and curtain are fragile.  We are will not allow any thing to be attached to them as we are preserving this great building. Posters can be placed on front glass doors and poster boxes outside the theatre.

Can anything be set up in the aisles? Set up must maintain access to all exits with aisles of 48 inches.    

Can I sell my own concessions? Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre retains the right to serve all food and soda. RMDT will retain all income from concessions. 

 Are alcoholic beverages allowed? No person shall consume or bring for consumption alcoholic beverages without prior consent of The Cody Theatre booking manager. The use, sale, serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages will require the Lessee to obtain an event liquor license and is their responsibility to provide bartenders.  The Cody Theatre does not have a Wyoming liquor permit. 

Can event merchandise be sold at the theatre? Yes. You must provide own seller and table.

What is the cancellation policy? All payments made by the Lessee for the event(s) listed in the Rental Agreement are non-refundable 2 weeks before the scheduled event. 50% of the deposit will be refundable anytime before the 2 weeks before the scheduled event.  

Does The Cody Theatre provide security for my event?  NO - RMDT staff and volunteers will not be responsible for damage to Lessee's equipment, properties, costumes or scenery when left in theater. The Lessee is encouraged to remove all valuables from the theater when vacating daily.  If the lessee wants security for the event, they must provide it at their expense.

Can I arrange to see the theatre before I rent it?  YES - At a mutually agreed to time prior to the rental, the Lessee will be given a “walk-through” of the facility by an RMDT staff member or volunteer.

Does the theatre have a sound and light system for live performance? No – The Cody Theatre was built and continues to be primarily a movie theatre. There is a platform area on 24’ x 18’ in front of the movies screen. The sound system and lighting is designed for movie sound, which is different than performance sound. The Cody Theatre is rented "as is." RENTER must provide all other items necessary to achievement of its goals, including but not limited to any additional lights, sound equipment, light and sound cable, masking, etc. We are currently planning to add a light and sound system for live performance. 

Will you sell tickets for my event?  No, but we do allow the lessee to "use" the box office space to sell any tickets. If the event is free to the public, the lessee will provide a person to count attendees so the number of occupants does not exceed the number of seats.

Does The Cody Theatre advertise my event? Advertising is not included in the rental price. Cody Theatre is not responsible for advertising your show.  Your event will be added to our calendar on our website for scheduling purposes and we can post about your event on our Facebook page. You can give information and/or web links to help promotions when filling out your Rental Request. Posters for your event can be posted in the front display area of the theatre and on the glass doors. You can also provide a short description that can be listed on the marquee at least on the day of the event.  We will make every effort to have your event listed on the marquee longer. 

 Why do I have to provide event insurance?  Our insurance policy does not insure your performers or their actions, therefore you need to provide event insurance.  It is available from several local insurers. 

Why do I have to obtain licensing rights to show a film? Films are works of art, and as such are subject to copyright laws anytime they are shown outside of a person's private home. The costs to secure the right to show films vary by studio, film, and purpose, but are typically around $250.